Who is Claude-sans-coeur?

Once upon a time, Julie was born.

Something to welcome her to the world needed quickly to be found, so in a few scissor snips and a fast pass under sewing machine, Claude was born.
Claude was seen all around and well liked, he made himself known by word of mouth and soon, the brothers of Claude were demanded.

And Adrien, Hector, Elias and Joseph, too, followed.
But what did they have that Claude didn't? A heart, or as we say, 'un coeur' - a real one made of felt,

hidden in their stuffing, and which no one could see. Hence the name, Claude-sans-Coeur.

Here's what they all have, including Claude: long arms to give real hugs, long legs that hang down to the ground, a little spacey little look, a tender heart and lots of love to give to the little ones (and those not so little, too).
Though they resemble each other, no two Claudes will ever be identical.

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